FGC Creative

FGC Creative is a vertically integrated creative company. We can help your brand or business gain market share by building a complete content-rich site and reach thousands of potential customers via social and traditional marketing. Create, design, print, and grow.


FGC Creative began in 2016 in a small, dilapidated building in Dubuque, Iowa. With nothing more than some outdated screen-printing machines and a vision, we started teaching ourselves the art of screen printing. With a small team of friends, interns, and people from the community, we started to get our name out there.  

With any business there was a learning curve, but over time people started to realize the quality and affordability of our products and word spread.  

As business continued, we started to expand our services and bring in new talent to supply an all-encompassing outlook. This allowed FGC Creative to start offering services like marketing, branding, fulfilment, and more for local and big-name companies.  

Eventually outgrowing that old, dilapidated building and we moved into a new space where we could add bigger printers, new screen-printing machines, heat presses, office space, and even a dark room, to keep up with our demand. Here we have planted our roots and here we will stay.  

At FGC Creative we will continue to grow, expand, meet, and surpass all customer wants, no matter the request. Whether influencer, actor, company, athlete, musician, or anything in-between our goal is to help you build your brand from the ground up, just like we did. 

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