Screen Printing and Embroidery FAQ

If you have any questions about apparel or design, this is the place.

In the world of design and screen printing, proper file setup is the most important part of the process. To ensure that your design looks the way you intended it to please follow the recommended requirements.

File Requirements

Our designers can work with just about any file, but to save time and money, please have your design saved in these formats:

  • Vector Files: AI, EPS, PDF
  • Raster Files: PSD, TIFF, PSD


File Guidelines

Following these guidelines will help us during production and limit any possible delays.

  • The design should be the exact size you want it to be printed on your apparel.
  • Raster files should be created at 300dpi.
  • When rasterizing vector art, turn off the anti-aliasing option.
  • Outline or rasterize any layers.
  • Oultline any text in vector files.
  • Leave background color transparent or match it to the color of the apparel.
  • If you have any additional questions regarding your art please email one of our creative agents.


What brands of apparel to you carry?

What is your minimum order?

Can I mix and match?

Do you offer discounts on mixed orders?

Whats the average turnaround time?

Can you rush orders?

Can I supply my own apparel?

Can I change ink colors?

What type of ink do you offer?

4 color process?

Halftone and simulated process printing.

Whats the max print size?

Can I see a mock up of my design on a shirt?

Can I purchase sample garments?

Digitizing for embroidery.

Can you convert my logo or design to a vector file for screen printing?

Do you offer custom design?

Foil and specialty ink screen printing.



Answers to your questions about screen printing on apparel can be found here.

Where can I find the brands and styles of apparel FGC Creative carries?

 We carry a huge assortment of apparel that you can use to screen print and embroider your designs on. Check out our online sportswear catalog.

Whats your minimum order?

Our minimum order on all apparel, including hats is 12 pieces.

Can I mix and match different garment colors, sizes, styles and brands within 1 order?

Yes. You can always choose different colors, brands and sizes as long as the design stays the same within the same order. In some cases we can print t-shirts and add some long sleeves or tanks to the order as well.  If you want to changes styles, please talk to one of our creative agents.

Do I receive the quantity discount if I choose different garment styles with the same set of graphics?

In most cases yes. If you have t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts this possible. IF you have t-shirts and you want hoodies this is possible. There are examples where we can combine different styles but you will have to ask a creative agent to be sure.

What is the typical turnaround time for apparel orders?

Each order is different depending on what the project details are. Most screen printing and embroidery orders take about 14 days to ship. Since most orders are being shipped via standard ground shipping, add the shipping time. (2-5 days shipping time). If you have a hard deadline please contact a creative agent, we offer express printing and shipping options.

Can I rush my screen printing or embroidery order?

Yes. Order turnaround times are a first-come, first-served system based on these factors:

  • Complexity of your order
  • Design details
  • Printing method
  • Shipping destination
  • Approval of design
  • Payment of order

Once we have your order details, print-ready files, your shipping address, payment and approval of your digital proof, your order can be approved for a guaranteed ship date. Rush fees may apply.

Please contact a creative agent for discuss your project and in-hand date.


Can I supply my own blank garments for printing?

Yes and No. This is a tricky request for many reasons. We prefer to source our own high quality garments from our suppliers we have history with. We work with best apparel distributors and manufacturers in the business to provide the very best quality, selection and pricing. By purchasing in high-volume we have lowest rates that they can offer, and is then passed along to our customers. If you have a specific item or brand in mind and do not see it on our website, contact a creative agent with your request and we will see if we can order it for you.

However, if you manufacturer your own line of apparel we can and have done this for clients. This is a case by case decision based off of many factors. So please contact us with any questions.

Can I change ink colors within one order?

Yes. You can change your ink color within the same order. But this is limited to 1 color designs and a minimum of 25 of each color. There is also a ink change fee of $10.00 per color change. If your design happens to have more than 1 color and you want to change ink colors, contact a creative agent and we will try to work with you on a fair price.

What type of inks do you offer for screen printing?

We offer a few different inks for screen printing apparel. Plastisol is our default ink for screen printing. Your garment will be printed with Plastisol ink. We do offer waterbased ink and numerous heatpress paper printing options. If you want your garments printed using waterbased or heatpress, please contact a creative agent. 

Do you offer 4 color process printing on apparel?

Due to the complexities with 4 color process printing, FGC Creative does not offer it at this time. When printing on different colored garments the color consistency of the image can vary a great deal.

We do offer heat pressing using a self-weeding paper. This offers great results when printing images and designs consisting of more than 6 colors. 

Screen printing is our area of expertise and can solve many design issues when done correctly.

Contact one of our creative agents to help you choose the right process for you. 



Do you offer halftone and any other type of process printing?

Yes. As well as our standard spot printing process, we can also print using halftones and 6 simulated process printing. Haftones are done using bitmap images and can create an endless amount of design options not available to standard spot printing. From 1 color up to 6 colors images we can print it. For more details and examples of what can be done contact a creative agent for details.

What is your maximum print size for screen printing?

We offer a wide ranges of sizes for screen printing. The dimensions are based on your image location and the garment sizes within your order.

Our standard and most common design size is 13×19.  If your design can fit within these dimensions no additional fees will be applied. If your design is greater than 13×19, please contact a creative agent to discuss your design size and print requirements.

The most common issue we have is the size of the design in relation to the size of the garment. If your design is 13×19 and designed for a large or extra large shirt, its not going to fit the same on medium and small shirts.  Please remember to take the size of the print and the size of the printable space on the garment into consideration. Here is a quick guide for printable space on apparel.

This is the printable space between the sleeve seams.

SM: 12″ Width
MD: 13″ Width
LG: 14″ Width
XL: 15″ Width
2X: 15″ Width
3X: 15″ Width

Here are the dimension from collar to the bottom of the shirt.

SM: 21″ Height
MD: 22″ Height
LG: 23″ Height
XL: 24″ Height
2X: 25″ Height
3X: 26″ Height

If you have questions about additional locations and dimensions please contact a creative agent.

Will I get to see what my order looks like and approve it before they are printed or embroidered?

Yes. We create digital proofs on every screen printing and embroidery order clients place. As soon as you select and submit your apparel order, we will create an online invoice with your digital proof attached. This will give you the opportunity to view a mock-up of what your graphics will look like on a large size garment.

We do not offer pre-production hard proofs for sampling unless arrangements are made before we start the project. This will increase the the total cost of the project and may not be a cost effective for small runs. We only recommend hard proofing and sampling for large runs.

If you have had apparel printed with someone other than FGC Creative and are trying to match colors to maintain corporate/brand identity where color consistency is critical, please contact a creative agent to send the item and Pantone® reference numbers if you have a Pantone® Solid Coated Color Book. Please note that on screen swatches and pictures of the printed item are not accurate.

If you are looking to produce an apparel line with samples to show potential buyers for resale, please contact a creative agent to inquire about our branding packages. 

Can I purchase sample garments that you carry online before I place my order?

Yes. We allow clients to purchase a limited number of blank samples prior to placing your an order.  If you are unfamiliar with a particular brand this is a good way to evaluate the color, sizing, fit and finish. Please contact a creative agent to prepare a quote and send it you for approval and payment. Blank samples take approximately 5 business days + shipping time. 

If I decide to embroider, Do you offer design digitizing?

Yes. We do offer digitizing for your embroidery projects. Each logo/design is $30.00 each and free if you order more than 100 pieces. Please contact a creative agent to get more info on stitch count and tread colors.

Can you convert my logo to a vector file?

Yes we do! We are in the design business and love to design. We can create a custom design from your idea or a custom design including your brand or logo. We have 100’s of stock designs elements, fonts, textures and more to make your idea come to life. We charge by the design and give you a quote that fits your budget. Contact a creative agent today.

I see that you can convert my logo to a vector file for screen printing, can you also convert my digital art to a vector file for screen printing?

Yes. We have software and experienced screen printers that can convert just about any digital file into a screen printable vector file. Please email a creative agent with a jpg or screen shot of your art for a quote.

I have been  thinking about creating a custom design to screen print, do you offer custom design?

Yes. You can always choose different colors, brands and sizes as long as the design stays the same within the same order. In some cases we can print t-shirts and add some long sleeves or tanks to the order as well.  If you want to changes styles, please talk to one of our creative agents.

Do you offer special ink printing? Like glow in the dark ink or glitter inks.

Yes. We have a full line of shimmer, glitter, metallic, puffy, neon, glow in the dark inks to make your garments stand out. Specialty inks add a minimal fee to your project. Here is a break down of the costs per print.

  • Glitter (silver, gold,copper) .50 each print
  • Shimmer (silver, gold,copper) .50 each print
  • Neon .50 each print
  • Metallic (silver,gold,copper) .50 each print
  • Glow in the Dark (overcoat on any color,may tint print) .50 each print

Do you offer Foil printing?

Yes. We can foil print on selected apparel. The results are great and are washing machine safe.  We offer 5 colors of foil. Before purchasing the foil print option please contact a creative agent to see if the design will work with the foil overlay. Pricing is depends on the image and how much foil will be used. 

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